Here are the most frequently asked questions asked from Lisa via GateMe PRO customer support.

For more info, contact lisa@gateme.com.

How can I create events in GateMe PRO?

Events can be created both via Facebook or manually. Just press Create Event button on your dashboard and fill in the form.

How can I set up a new place/venue in GateMe PRO?

Just go to create event and choose which place/venue you would like to make your event in (there is a search box, so just type in the name and click Add new). If you actually own this venue, click also "Claim this venue". Click this only if you are the true owner of this place/venue.

How can I set up a new organizer?

In order to set up a new organizer, just go to Event creation form and create new organiser there from Organizer field. We do not allow to create organizers without any events.

What are the list templates?

List templates are prepared lists that will be copied directly to each event. There are two main ways how most of GateMe PRO organisers use it: they create empty lists just for the list name to appear every time on the event or they create list like “Family”, which has all organiser’s friends listed in each event automatically.

How can I add/edit guestlists in GateMe PRO?

Guestlisting in GateMe PRO is event-based. In order to manage guestlists for a specific event, just choose the event and choose “Guestlists”. It is easy to create new lists and you can use basic copy-paste to copy names to the list from e-mail, internet or Excel sheet.

How can I sell tickets via GateMe PRO?

In order to sell tickets you just have to choose “Sell tickets” in Event form. You can determine the timing and limit the number of tickets sold. Ticketbuyers will be listed in the list called GateMe, which appears automatically on check-in screen when some tickets are bought. If James Bell is buying 5 tickets to the club he is listed as James Bell +4 in GateMe list.

How can I setup a shop in Facebook via GateMe PRO?

In order to do that just press Facebook SHOP button on your dashboard in toolbar.

How can I add promoters?

You can add promoters from the "Promoters menu" on the left toolbar of GateMe PRO. Promoters are event specific, you can switch them on and off per event under "Guestlists" tab on Edit event view. Alternatively you can also add "promoters" by going to specific guestlist and adding "list manager". List manager can edit the guestlis he/she is attached to. Each promoter or list manager gets an e-mail invite to GateMe PRO and after registering on GateMe PRO has to accept the invite. After that the promoter sees only those events, he is promoting and also guestlist he has rights for.

How can I sell tickets on my website?

For that GateMe PRO has a special widget (http://gatemepro.com/widget). Just add your ORG-ID to code and put it into you HTML and you are good to go! You can also overwrite CSS styles to stylish for your needs.

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