GateMe has all ticketing features you need to sell your event out!
From promotional tools to scanner and list-based check-in.

0 % margin

We don't charge any fee on ticket sales. Only banking fees (1 - 3% depending on whether client uses PayPal or credit card to purchase the ticket) are deducted. Request money back at any time by just clicking "Request money" button (50 EUR minimum though).

Unlimited tickets and events

GateMe PRO allows you to create and sell as many tickets and events as you want. You can set different pricing, different ticket limits and sales periods for all tickets. Set up tickets which are cheaper on Mondays and more expensive during weekends, add special VIP tickets etc. Promote them via all your online channels

Create your own guestlists

In addition to tickets you can also manage also your VIP guests and free guests in multiple guestlists. Add people to your guestlist from your mobile phone at any time.

Scanner and guestlist check-in

Scan in your tickets via hardware or software scanners. You can also easily scan in tickets and guestlists via our simple Ipad check-in app. No need for printouts and paperwork. All your doors are automatically synced between devices!

Smart database

All your ticket buyers are automatically recorded to a simple and secure database. Target your top customers with e-mails and event invitations for your next events

Automatic reporting

After every event you get automatically a detailed overview of your event attendance in PDF format to your e-mail. You can easily check which tickets were the most popular, how many were bought and when did people arrive to the event

Integration widgets

Get all your tickets automatically up on Facebook, by just intergating our easy Facebook shop. Easily integrate all your tickets and events to your own website via our simple and customizable HTML widget

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